Mason Fowler

Jiujitsu competitor

5 (6)

Black belt under Caio Terra, Full time BJJ competitor & teacher. 3rd American to ever win the Brazilian Nationals, 2X ADCC trials winner

Hi guys! Martial arts has consumed my life for the last 11 years. I started training at 18 and have never looked back. I am currently competing internationally at the highest levels of the sport, gi and nogi. In my time between training sessions, I am available to help share my expertise with you and hopefully guide you towards being the best version of yourself. Let’s get better together!! Oss!!



Mason reviewed my training routine leading up to a big competition and gave me some awesome tips so that I could perform my best!


I truly appreciate it. Sent a more in-depth response in the answer field. Best of luck, everyone!


I sent a video where I was struggling with retaining a rubber guard, and he sent a drill to fix it. Highly recommend!


He helped me fix a specific problem I had with my knee cut where I kept getting stuck in Reverse De La Riva.

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